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About the Artist

My Background

Is also a working art studio

Growing up, my teachers always placed me in art classes. They must have seen my love of art along with some natural abilities. Later, after I married and our family grew, I became an RN and continued to spend most of my time contributing to my family's needs. Eventually, I got back into rediscovering art and continued on my journey. Now I help others to discover art, especially those who suffer from chronic pain using my service: Painting with Fibromyalgia

My Medium

We paint here also as a community...

Angela's favorite medium to use is professional grade heavy body acrylic paint.  She paints a variety of subjects, and is mostly known for her use of color.

My Inspiration

As an RN of many years in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Angela has contributed to the development and growth of many fragile new lives. Her positive outlook and hope of a beautiful paradise  filling the earth, is what inspires her artwork the most.